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Our suggestion: I.M.T. Smile
Slovakia can do two things: send in a ballad like they did several times, or send in one of their most popular pop bands. The ballads never succeeded in Eurovisions, so we think pop band I.M.T. Smile will be the right choice.
I.M.T. Smile already excists since 1992 and had many hits ever since. It's a five man band, capable to play all sorts of styles. So... I.M.T. Smile, see you in Moscow?

Slovakia is back!
Thursday, september 24
We had to wait a long time for it, but now it's sure: Slovakia will be back in Eurovision next year. Slovak TV announced the news today.
Slovakia took part in Eurovision three times, but never managed to reach a proper score. The last time was in 1998, when Katerina Hasprova's "Motlidba" reached the 18th place.
Already a few years, Slovakia is planning a return, but they never had a budget for it... up til now!

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