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Obama and Abreu: Yes we can!
Tuesday, january 20th
Today, Barack Obama will become the new president of the USA. Portuguese singer Luciana Abreu took the opportunity to send in a song for eurovision about the unique event: "Juntos vamos conseguír (yes we can!).
It was back in 1989 when The Wall was teared down. Everybody had their feelings of joy and peace. The result was that many peace songs entered the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest.
Can we expect the same now that Barack Obama is the first black president ever? Portugal gives it a go at least!

our suggestion: Luciana Abreu
We saw her in Eurovision in 2005 already. Luciana Abreu was the half of the duo 2B. After that, she played one of the main roles in a musical. Now she gives Eurovision another try by singing "Juntos vamos conseguír (Yes we can). That means.... if EBU allows the political statement of Obama being sung in Eurovision.
You can listen to parts of all the songs at

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