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 Sichelle bids for Eurovision
Sunday, december 28
Today it is announced: Sichelle will take part in Melodi Grand Prix, the Norwegian final for Eurovision. A big relief for those who were afraid that 'grand old lady' Wenche Myhre would be the only real star in the Norwegian selection. Sichelle already reached the first place in 'VG-lista', the Norwegian top-20.
In 2007, Sichelle found her breakthrough with the song "Fuck deg". This year she reached the top-10 again. Time for an international breakthrough. First she has to survive the semifinals and the Norwegian final.

Our suggestion: Sichelle
Sichelle is not only a beautiful lady, she is also a star in Norway. Her song "Fuck deg" reached the number one spot in the Norwegian charts and remained there for several weeks. Sichelle is our top favourite to represent our country in Moscow.

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