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Israeli representatives: statement for peace
Sunday, january 11th
Famous Israeli singer Noa and Palestinian singer/songwriter and actress Mira Awad will represent Israel. That is what IBA, the Israeli broadcasting Corporation, stated today.
39 years old Noa (real name: Achinoam Nini) is the most famous international star from Israel. She is wellknown in many countries. She gave huge concerts all over the world. Three years ago she appeared in Bob Geldof's Live8 concert.
Mira Anwer Awad originates from an Arab town in Israel. She has a Palestinian background. She attempted for years to get her albums recorded, but record companies were afraid to release Arab songs in Israel. In 2005 Mira participated in Kdam, the Israeli national final. She became last.
Noa and Mira already worked together. They recorded the song "We can work it out" and made it a statement of peace.

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