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Crazy Katja Calling

She hugs Ruslana in Amsterdam; she meets Annette Artani in the subway; she even dares to visit a concert of Lordi! Crazy Katja is everywere. On this page she will report about her adventures.

Sebastian Telliers second chance

Remmber Sebastian Tellier? ThThe frenchh singer who we almost didin't see because the camerea was 

The Rose

11th of May 2008

7.30 my alarm clock woke me. For a few minutes I wondered why I am a Eurovisionfan, it was too early to wake up on a sunday morning!
Still my eurovisionheart was beating too strong and within an hour I was on Schiphol airport. I met with my Hilversumcallingcollegue Martijn, we were determined to see Hind before she was leaving for Belgrade. For good luck we wanted to hand her her over a Hilversumcalling-rose.
There we stood with our rose, like we were waiting for a blind date. Then, sooner then we expected Hind showed up.
I handed over our rose and wished her the best of luck. After that Hind started posing for the media... with our rose. I was so proud, our rose would become famous! She waved us goodbye, and we wished Rose.. eh Hind all the best.


****hilversum calling****