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Eurovision news

Which country appears in which semifnal?
Saturday, january 31st
Yesterday, a draw took place for the semifinals. Not the following order was decided, but we know now which country appears in which semfinal.
In the 1st semifinal, on may 12th, we'll see Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sweden, Israel, Belgium, Andorra, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Iceland, Georgia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Switzerland, FYR Macedonia, Finland, Belarus, Turkey, Romania, Malta and Armenia. Also the UK, Germany and Spain will vote in that one.
Two days later, on may 14th, Slovenia, Denmark, Azerbaijan, the Netherlands, Latvia, Hungary, Serbia, Norway, Ukraine, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Croatia, Estonia, Moldova, Cyprus, Ireland, Slovakia and Albania will appear. France and Russia will vote in it also.


Georgia returns
Monday, january 5th
Georgian television decided to participate in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. When Georgia and Russia were involved in a war, Georgia decided not to take part. However, under pressure of EBU, they decided to return. Nothing is known yet about a preselection.


Russian entry 1995 not original
Tuesday, december 30th
After 13 years, someone found out that "Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana", the 1995 Russian entry, is not original. Almost ten years earlier Moldovan singer Anastacia Lazaruc released the song on record. It was sung in Romanian back than.
It's not the first scandal Philipp Kirkorov, the singer of the 1995 version, is in trouble for not being original. When a journalist a few years ago asked why Kirkorov always sang cover versions, he became mad and said "Pizda" (fuck you) to the journalist.


Bye bye San Marino
Thursday, december 18
One day after Latvia mentioned not to take part, there's another victim of the financial crisis. Also San Marino will not take part in Eurovision because of the financial crisis. San Marinese television announced that today.
In this year's contest, San Marino made their Eurovision debut. They did not make it to the final, but nevertheless they expressed their wish to take part again. San Marinese singer Little Tony showed interest in representing his country. Unfortunately, it will not happen, at least not in 2009.
source: esctoday

Latvia is out.... how about Lithuania?
Wednesday, december 17
Latvia will not take part in the next Eurovision song contest. Due to financial problems, the country has decided to withdraw.
Although the Latvian broadcaster already had a full list of participants in their national final, they will not participate. It was announced that Latvian tv has to spare money in 2009. Eurovision has become the victim.
After the news came in, also Lithuania has it's doubts about participation. For sure there will be a national final, but no one knows if the winner goes to Moscow. Let's wait and see about this.


Marc Moulin (66) passed away
Tuesday, september 30th
After a long illness, Belgian singer/musician/composer Marc Moulin passed away last friday. Moulin took part in Eurovision in 1980 as a member of the group Telex. The song was called "Eurovision" and became 18th.
But Moulin was more than only the member of Telex. In the seventies he was a jazz musician, and later member of the band Placebo. He composed songs for Lio, Alec Mansion, Viktor Lazlo and many others. He also composed music for films


Breaking news: Dutch contestants known!
Thursday, september 18
According to "Shownieuws", a programm from commercial TV-station SBS6, the Toppers will represent the Netherlands in Eurovision next year. SBS6 says that tomorrow, the NOS will officially announce the news.
Toppers excist since three years. They are three Dutch singers with long carreers behind them. René Froger is the only one without Eurovision connection. Gordon tried to get the ticket in 1990 and 2003, but failed twice. Gerard Joling represented the Netherlands in 1988.
There will be a national final with several songs, all sung by the Dutch group.


Breaking news: Sakis goes to Moscow!
Tuesday, july 15th
Today, Greece announced it's participant for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. It will be one of their biggest stars, namely Sakis Rouvas!
Greek broadcaster Mad TV announced that Sakis Rouvas said yes to ERT's offer. Rouvas expressed his wish to participate again in an interview last month. That's how things started.
In 2004, Sakis Rouvas already represented Greece with the song "Shake it". He became 3rd. In 2006, he was the co-host wo will always be remembered for excanging phone numbers with the Dutch jury spokesman.
source: esctoday


Moscow calling next year!
Wednesday, june 25
It has been decided: Eurovision will be held in Moscow next year. It is not known yet in which hall the contest will take place.
The decision came as no surprise. After the Russian victory in Eurovision in Belgrade, many people already expected a travel to Moscow. However, Saint Petersburg was also a serious option, even though some deputy expected Eurovision to be attended by many drug addicts.
From the red square, we of Hilversum Calling will report about next year's contest!


Vulcano for Eurovision!?
Sunday, june 15th
Another Dutch group wants to go to Eurovision: Vulcano! They told your reporters from Hilversum Calling about their plans if NOS (Dutch public broadcaster) will select them to represent the Netherlands.
One of Vulcano's members, René van der Well, said: "We had the idea to be dressed like Egyptians and sing about Tut-ench-Amon. We would have an all-Egyptian act with a pyramid on stage". Blond Suzanne added: "We wanna go for it!".
Vulcano twice failed to get the Eurovision ticket: in 1983 and 1984. They split up, but last year they came back together. The real cracks might have recognized Suzanne: she was also a member of Mrs. Einstein, the 1997 Dutch representatives.

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