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Waldo's People represent Finland
Saturday, january 31st
As expected, Waldo's People won the Finnish national selection, Euroviisut. They will represent Finland in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. Waldo's People was chosen out of 12 songs, from which 6 went to the final tonight.
Waldo's People was a very succesful dance band in the nineties. They quit but made a comeback last year. Immediately, they topped the Finnish charts. Their victory in Euroviisut therefore came as no surprise.


Jari Sillanpää

Former Euroviisut-artists are back
Thursday, september 25
Today, the list of participants in the Finnish national final, Euroviisut, was announced. It's worth noticing that a lot of participants are not new to Euroviisut.
Four of the twelve artists participated in the Finnish national selection before, but never won. Record holder is Tapani Kanssa, who sang in five different national finals, the last one being in 1985.
But there is also one artist who díd win: Jari Sillänpaa. "The angels and devils meet again (hallelujah!)" he sang, two years before Lordi came. Will it be Jari's second chance?

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