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Arash joins Aysel
Thursday, february 12
Iranian born and Swedish based singer Arash will sing for Azerbaijan. He wrote the song "Always" for Aysel Teimurzadeh, but will now join her on stage in Moscow.
Arash Labaf (30) was born in Teheran, but moved to Sweden with his family when he was 10 years old. When he made his first record "Boro boro" in 2004, it became a huge succes in the European charts.
It's the second time Azerbaijan participates.... and it is also the 2nd time that a soloist was later joined by someone else to sing a duet for the country.


It's Aysel Teymurzade for Azerbaijan
Sunday, january 17
Yesterday it has been announced: 19-years old Aysel Teymurzade will represent Azerbaijan. After auditions, Azeri television decided that Aysel was definitely the best one to go to Moscow.
Aysel Teymurzade is, so far, completely unknown to the audience. She took part in a talent show and she is a huge fan of Beyoncé, who is an idol to her. Now Aysel will have the chance to present herself to millions of viewers.

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