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System of a Down not likely for Eurovision
Friday, november 28
Although rumours go that System of a Down is one of two acts, bidding to represent Armenia, it is not likely that they finally will. The American/Armenian band has one claim, that makes participation hardly possible.
The four man band from Hollywood wants to participate, but only if they are allowed to sing about the Armenian genocide. However, EBU rules say political issues are not allowed in Eurovision.
The other contestant for Moscow is Aramé. This popular singer will try to continue the success Sirusho had last year.
source: oikotimes

Our suggestion: Aramé
One of the rumoured participants for Armenia next year is Aramé. We of Hilversum Calling think it's most likely he will participate. Aramé is very popular in his own country. He was awarded 'best male singer' in 2007. He should be well up to the task, according to us.

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